Choosing the Best Articulate Storyline and Studio SCORM Publish Settings

Posted by Brian Kleeman on May 23, 2016 11:43:08 AM

Correctly publish your content so you can upload it to your SCORM compliant LMS

The launch of your eLearning program is in sight! You have finished building your course in Articulate Studio or Storyline and you’re ready to publish and upload it into your LMS. You know that you have to publish your course in SCORM to evaluate the successes of your lessons and take advantage of your LMS reporting features, but how do you know which SCORM versions are right for your training plan? What effect will this have on reporting in your LMS? Which is better to publish in, SCORM 1.2 or 2004? This choice depends on whether or not you have developed a quiz to determine the success of your lesson, or if a learner simply viewing it qualifies as a success. Here are our suggestions for publishing in SCORM from Articulate Storyline or Studio:

Lessons With a Quiz

For lessons that include a quiz, we recommend that you publish in SCORM 2004. If you want the user to see a successful completion as “completed”, use the “Complete/Incomplete” setting – if you want the user to view a successful completion as “passed” then use the “Passed/Incomplete” setting. In our experience, this is the most logical option in reporting because a value of “unknown” will only be provided if the lesson is still in progress.

In general, note that Articulate products automatically include a Mastery Score in the manifest for all lessons with quizzes published as SCORM 1.2. This results in the LMS never reporting a lesson as “completed,” regardless of whether or not you set Articulate to report that way - SCORM specification requires the LMS to override the success status if a mastery score is set. Details of the mastery score logic can be found in the SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 Run Time Environment documentation (SCORM 1.2: Section 3.4.4 and SCORM 2004: Section

Lessons Without a Quiz

It is difficult to make a generalized publish recommendation for both products when the lesson does not contain a quiz and success is measured in screen views instead.

In our white paper "SCORM Publish Settings in Articulate Studio and Storyline Products," we created two types of lesson scenarios (one with a quiz and one without), adjusted the SCORM versions for each in the “Report Status to LMS” option, and closely examined the results. As you will see in the scenarios presented in the whitepaper, we found discrepancies between the reporting within Articulate Studio and Storyline. Your reporting preferences will ultimately have to be determined based on your personal preference (reporting as "Passed" vs "Completed").

We can, however, make the recommendation to never set the reporting to "Pass/Fail" when publishing (in SCORM 2004) an Articulate Presenter (Studio) lesson with no quiz. Take a look at our scenarios in the whitepaper and you’ll see that choosing this setting will report the Success Status as “failed” for a partial completion, but also report the Completion Status as “Completed” which is obviously incorrect.

ICS Learning Group, creators of Inquisiq LMS, has years of experience and our training developers would be happy to offer a consultation to help you develop and integrate your online training program. You can also read our in-depth whitepaper about publishing in Articulate Studio or Storyline to learn more, or reach out at any time – we’d love to hear from you!

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