Inquisiq: A Mobile-Compatible LMS!

Posted by Brian Kleeman on Apr 8, 2013 10:51:52 AM

With the continued rise of mobile devices becoming more user-friendly and the availability of online access, whether through a mobile ‘data plan’ or WiFi connections, eLearning likewise continues to evolve. The term ‘eLearning’ can broadly be defined as “all forms of electronically-supported learning and teaching”, at least per Wikipedia. Thus, eLearning is generally considered to include both the courseware and the delivery mechanism behind the provision of that training content, whether via a traditional CD, a simple website, or – of course – a learning management system.

In the LMS space, providers are slowly coming to grips with the requirements and evolving standards of mobile delivery – though some are moving faster than others. ICS Learning Group’s Inquisiq LMS is mobile-friendly!

When the URL for your LMS is called from the web browser, Inquisiq will determine from what sort of device you are requesting access. If a ‘desktop’ device (i.e. Mac or Windows workstation or laptop), the standard LMS interface will be displayed. However, f a mobile device is being used, Inquisiq will automatically provide a more learner-centric interface, allowing the user to more quickly access their enrollments and directly launch the related content, all within an interface adapted for mobile devices.

Now, as the differences between mobile devices varies widely, from small to mid-sized phones and up to tablet devices with much more usable screens, Inquisiq will always allow you to manually switch between the ‘desktop’ and ‘mobile’ displays. So if the LMS detects an Android device and determines the mobile interface may be best for you, but your mobile device (i.e. a large tablet) would work just fine with the desktop interface (that’s up to you and your device), you can seamlessly switch over to the preferred style from the onscreen options.

In order to keep the mobile interface more user-friendly, administration options are not shown by default – with the understanding that most users who access the LMS from a mobile device will be more interested in accessing your training courseware rather than administering the back-end. However, as noted, if your device does provide a more usable screen, an Administrator can always flip over to the desktop UI for whatever admin requirements they may have.

Inquisiq’s mobile features support iOS 4 and Android 2.23 (Gingerbread) – and newer versions of each mobile operating system. So grab your iPhone, iPad, or any of the newer Android-based smart phones and tablets, and check it out! With this feature set, you can now further increase the availability of your training to your audience.

Do note, of course, that a mobile-compatible LMS does not mean the content you develop is automatically mobile-compliant as well. Be sure to check with your authoring tool or bespoke/custom courseware provider to see if your content will work across the range of mobile devices. If you’re unsure, we’d be happy to help you assess your current courseware and assist you with upgrading the training projects to work across the growing number of mobile devices.

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