The Inquisiq LMS API

Posted by Brian Kleeman on Jul 9, 2013 11:59:16 AM

The Inquisiq API is provided as a value-add to enable customers to integrate third-party applications with the LMS. Currently, the basic set of Inquisiq features, methods, and datasets are supported.

For example, one supported and popular use of the API is integration with existing user-registration features. If your website already has a method of registering users, and has a repository of user accounts, you can integrate that resource as a ‘single sign-on’ (SSO) method with Inquisiq. Here's a list of some supported requests:

[id], [identifier], [idUser], [idCourse],  [name], [username], [firstName], [lastName], [typeName], [email], [employeeID]

Many others are supported (see the manual). Other functions such as reporting features and methods are popular requests and may be supported in the future.

Alternatively, instead of using a direct API for reporting, use automated report subscriptions instead. You can setup reports, save the configurations, then schedule those reports to run on a repeating basis and email the results directly to you.

Similar to any LMS customization requests, actual coding assistance for API integration is not covered by our support agreement and, on discussion and approval, will be scoped as a project. In general, every API command request contains some common elements that encapsulate the request as well as elements that are used to identify the LMS account and security context.

Side note: be sure to use an appropriate encoding method as provided by your chosen programming language.

Of course, ICS will certainly clarify what the API offers access to, as well as verbal examples of how people use the API but, if at this stage, if you want to take the advanced steps to integrate your web application with the Inquisiq API, it is incumbent upon your group to develop to the API per the provided manual.

That said, the LMS API will be enhanced and improved over time; stay tuned for new features and updates!

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