SCORM Expertise

Posted by Brian Kleeman on Dec 10, 2012 2:02:12 PM

Unlike some learning management system products that integrate third-party engines and APIs, our Inquisiq LMS has been developed in-house. Our own application gurus built the SCORM engine and the rest of the features and functionality surrounding that core – nothing has been outsourced. As a result, our application developers have become SCORM experts . We know the spec, cold.

We contribute to the overall SCORM discussion on current and future specifications. Our ‘What is SCORM’ whitepaper is one of the most popular on our website and often referenced by our customers who need to more fully understand what this SCORM thing is all about, especially including the new upcoming ‘Experience API’ (aka ‘Tin Can’) specification – which our Inquisiq LMS will support in 2013.

Such knowledge is not only helpful when determining what sort of SCORM features your courseware should include, but also when setting up those features in a given authoring product. Any authoring tool that outputs SCORM-compliant projects (i.e. Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Trivantis Lectora, etc.) should work with a SCORM-compliant LMS…however, how those tool features are setup is not always clear.

Our Content Development Group has worked with a variety of authoring tools and is available for consultation should you have any issues setting up your project. If your published courseware is not working with any LMS as you expect, drop us a line – we can either help guide you to the proper resolution or develop the project for you to achieve the required results.

We directly support all aspects of our LMS – resulting in faster, accurate support for our customers. Our support site is easily accessible to all our customers and the knowledgebase is open to anyone who may have LMS, courseware authoring tool, or general SCORM-related questions.

We hope you recognize the quality and service advantages offered by a company that is solely responsible for its own commercial product and has the in-house knowledge to offer a quality product and services experience to our customers.

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