The Birth of a Blog

Posted by Ed Gipple on Apr 4, 2012 8:51:31 PM

We here at ICS Learning Group have had a blog for years as a part of our company website. However, as our SaaS business continues to grow, we field more and more interest and questions about our Inquisiq LMS, its features, its functionality, and various questions on how to best approach various goals.

So it’s time to start our Inquisiq Blog to help pull the various resources we offer together and provide a centralized resource for our customers, and prospective customers, to learn more about our LMS – from current capabilities to upcoming features.

Watch this space! We will continue to keep it fresh with a variety of content related to the core LMS business. Of course, we also encourage you to keep the other eye on our ICS Learning Group blog for the more technical discussions regarding the state of eLearning too. But for those more concerned with all things Inquisiq, we hope you’ll find this resource to be helpful.

Tags: Inquisiq LMS News